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I hope that this’ll be a scene in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie.

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SAY HI, JAZZ! It’s the internet!

I just let Jazz (the lizard) sit in the tub hoping he’d want some exersize and run around. Turns out he’s fat and doesn’t want to. So I have him wrapped up in a fluffy washcloth in my lap right now while the heat lamps warm his tank up. 


Sour Patch likes to meet new people




It’s much better to stock these kinds of things so people’s shopping baskets aren’t empty.




Yes hello do you have rum ice cream 8y chance?

but all the people who own shops around cons 

every year they just see this swarm of people coming down the street in dumb costumes

"yep same shit as usual"

Dude cons make so much fucking money for these people it’s utterly ridick. After Otakon this year my dad and I went to this little pizza shop down the road form the convention center and my dad being my overly friendly, talkative dad, started chatting with the nice old lady who ran the place.

She told us about how the con brought in a TON of money into the city every year, and not only that, dramatically reduced the crime rate over the weekend. If you go too far down the road, you realize that the Baltimore convention center isn’t that far from a not really great part of town. But all those people? It makes it hard for the really bad people to do their thing. For one weekend, some of the people in the area get to go about their business feeling a little safer, and a little better off than they normally would, because the swarms of people are coming down the street in their dumb, wonderful costumes.

cons are great okay, even for those not involved with them. It’s really, really beautiful.




Couple tshirt

Buy one of these glowing shirts for yourself, and gift one to your significant other (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, fembot 2000…). During your normal activities two and a half pixelated hearts will light up on your shirt. Hey… you’re depressed and in need of a recharge. But get within hugging distance of your significant other wearing the matching shirt and suddenly the hearts on both of your shirts start to light up until you’re fully powered up. Go too far astray from the source of your affections and you’ll drop back down to two and a half hearts again. Got it?